An open-source SW tool for simulating large-scale hybrid neural network systems.


Official site of this project:

This is Nengoros, a tool which merges Nengo and rosjava_core in order to simulate large-scale hybrid neural systems capable of interfacing with real robotic systems.

Author Jaroslav Vitku, research under Alife group on Department of Cybernetics on CTU in Prague.

The simulator is composed of the following parts (all credits to their authors):

Together, these packages provide mostly platform-independent tool for simulating hybrid neural systems usable e.g. for experiments with e.g.:


Note that links in this section will be "browsable" only offline or from the github page of this project on:

Javadoc for sub-projects which are not available here can be generated from the particular project folder by the following command:

./gradlew javadoc

Te resulting documentation will be placed under [projectName]/build/doc/ folder.


Download additional python-based ROS wstool and init it:
pip install -U wstool
Create python virtualenv called nengoros (optional):
Install scipy and numpy (also optional):
pip install numpy   
pip install scipy




Demos for the Nengoros can be found on the official project site

Additionaly, there are two choices how to learn with NengoROS:

Learn with Nengo part:
Learn with Nengo-ROS part:

Additional information

Gradle tests

The project nengo/simulator has the src folder set to: src/java/test/ctu to ensure that all Nengo tests are omitted, in order to run also Nengo tests, set this folder to src/java/test.

Tool Script

The tool script is used to update the multi-project from repositories. Now, the complete.rosinstall version is suported. Various older versions are placed under .versions folder. In case you want to choose which version to use, e.g. for rosbased (creates .rosinstal file):

wstool init -j8 . .versions/rosbased.rosinstall

Run the tool script:

./tool -unrf

..this will:

Information about updating Nengoros:

THe script tool can update all projects from remote repositories:

    ./tool -h


Describes development of the project, the TODO chapter can be found in the file.